4 Things to consider when buying paintbrushes

A paint brush is like a wand for an artist that can conjure up magical paintings from the enchanting realm of our imagination. Therefore, using the right set of paint brushes is incredibly crucial for achieving the results that you would want from your acrylic artwork.

If you are a budding artist who is about to invest in your first set of professional paint brushes or just an artist who is frustrated by how quickly your paint brushes diminish in quality, here are 5 things for you to think about.


1- Know your brushes!

Before you go out and buy yourself a set, it is important to know the different kind of brushes that are out there and what kind you need for your artwork. There are numerous detailed guides on the Internet that provide a thorough look at all the brushes and how they should be used. I would strongly recommend on reading up on the variety of brushes before you go out and get some.


2- Synthetic or Natural?

Even though paint brushes with natural hair are marketed to be of higher quality and durability, having synthetic hair on your paint brushes is advisable. Synthetic hair can withstand the chemicals of acrylic paints which can be quite damaging on paint brushes with natural hair. Additionally, synthetic hair can stay stiffer even when wet which helps in putting down the smaller details on your painting.  


3- Is expensive better?

For someone who is starting out, you do not have to invest in an expensive set of brushes to produce your greatest work. You can get a lot out of inexpensive brushes, if you take proper care of them. I rarely throw out any paintbrushes because you never know how they might come in handy for other ambitious art projects.


4- Give the brushes some love

With the amount of use that paint brushes go through; you can get the most out of them by adopting cleaning habits that will ensure that the brushes are always in tip-top shape. Some habits that one can easily take up could be keeping the brushes wet so the acrylic paint does not dry on the brush. Another one could be washing your brushes with soap made specifically for paint brushes, as these soaps are formulated to be gentler and milder than regular hand soaps.


Paint brushes are the most crucial tools in an artist’s kit. The amount of detail and dimensions that you can add to your painting by using all the different brushes can really take your artistry to the next level. Just like I always say, part of the fun in painting comes from the experimenting and discovery of what works for you. So, go out and get yourself some paint brushes because the world needs your creativity and art more than ever.

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