Art and Interiors

Art and Interiors go hand in hand. They are the link of aesthetic appeal between artists and homeowners. Art is an essential element of a modern home and it serves to complete or distort a space.


My main focus is to create unique pieces of remarkable art and to be renowned for my signature style. As a female artist, Beauty in Diversity defines my art, and the message that I try to convey through my work. Our world is beautiful because it is diverse and full of contrasts. I try my hardest to highlight this aspect and show that our differences are what makes us unique and divine. We should embrace theses diversities and develop and open our minds for tolerance and inclusion.

I endeavour to make my art evoke a sense of joy and bring out intense emotions, but I also think about where it will be placed, the space it needs and the expression it deserves.

Additionally, I crave the opportunity to see how my artwork will be displayed, I am always curious to see it when it is hung. I am always delighted to receive images from collectors, which a regular repost. While I think that each piece of contemporary art or modern art or abstract art is a statement on it own and shouldn’t be defined by the interiors, I also believe that there needs to be a natural flow of energy in the space. The art has to be highlighted without distorting the rest of the area. 

Because my methods
involve characteristic stencil-like drawings and sketching combined with modern
mixed media lines to form multi-layered paintings, with textures, consistencies
and different surfaces of dynamic patterns and expressive colors, it is
important that it displayed on a wall it can own.

That being said,
art can have many purposes. Either a room’s interior can be developed around
the piece of art or a space can be refined and brought to life with the
addition of art.

I have had the opportunity to work with many interior designers, modern art galleries in Dubai and have consulted on where my art was placed in hotels, restaurants, banks, offices as well as in homes. Throughout my experiences, I have learned about the in nerworkings between art and design and here are some tips that I offer to collectors:

  1. Think about the feeling you want to feel when
    you are in this room and choose a piece of artwork reinforces that feeling.
  2. Not everything has to match in a room. I
    often look for artwork that complements the interior design styles but does not
    necessarily match it. Art needs to make a statement exclusive from what it is
    surrounded with.  
  3. I encourage art lovers to choose art that
    speaks to them and evokes emotions in them. It should be a piece that reflects
    their unique personality and fits in their decor style and tastes.
  4. When we talk about merging art and interiors,
    it doesn’t have to be anything or expensive. Sometimes affordable art or even a
    subtle frame can mean a lot and present a difference into the way we perceive
    our surroundings. So be open to that.

But most
importantly, be authentic and true to yourself. Art at home will set you apart
from everyone else and instantly turn your home into something special and warm.
Choose art that really moves you and can be a lifelong companion.