It is the very nature of art to transform and reflect the cultural and ideological changes of its time. Over the past years, it has been technology that has revolutionized the art industry by providing new artistic mediums and methods of commerce and conducting business. Now with artwork as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), we are at the forefront of something new and transformative.

What is an NFT, one might ask. Well, NFTs are basically tokens produced (or minted) on the blockchain . They maintain an undisputable digital record where each NFT represents a unique digital item, and thus immutable. These NFTs can represent digital files that could be art, audio, videos, items in video games and other forms of creative work.  Having always been fascinated by cryptocurrencies and the topic of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), I wanted to be an early incorporator of this amazing technological development into how I presented my art to the world.

On this page, you will be able to find my collections of NFT art series.


Beauty in Diversity and DeFi is an exploration of a new method and process recently introduced to the art world. With artwork as a Non-Fungible Token, we are at the precipice of a tech-art renaissance where the future awaits…

Unburdened by restrictions or boundaries, the Voyager is free to explore destinations undiscovered and experience sights yet unseen. This series is an homage to the spirit of the adventurous traveller, who lives beyond the fear of the unknown and navigates fantastical places that exist in realms of their own. Based around the culminating moment of the Voyager’s journey, as she reaches the shores of a new utopian city, this series takes the viewer on a visual journey where fantasy meets history and technology merges with magic.


The series consists of 5 artworks that come together to visualize The Voyageur at the precipice of the unworldly city which she is about to enter. Each artwork is an individual exploration of the various elements at play: the Contemplative Voyager, the Arabesque City of the Future, the Mysterious Nine-Tailed Fox (Kitsune), the Majestic Vessels of the Skies and the Majestic Vessels of the Seas. Examining each artwork, the viewers will find themselves longing to embark on a voyage of their own which takes them to a place beyond their fears, doubts and limitations.

Inspired by the beauty of architectural design, The Titanium Edition is a series of NFT artworks that visually merges the historic elements of architecture with the futuristic potential of cryptocurrencies. Each piece in this series is an exploration of the dual realities that now exist in our time: one that is completely physical which is seen and felt in the architecture all around us and the other one that solely exists online where digital currencies will soon take rule. The artworks play with the viewer’s point of view, eluding and altering perspectives to help reexplore facets of existence that many take for granted.

The series takes its name from the beautiful metallic element, Titanium, which is recognized for its immense strength, remarkable durability and exceptional flexibility. All characteristics that make up the very essence of the human spirit. It is this spirit which has guided us through the valleys of history and will help us scale the mountains of the future. This series and its title are an invitation to revere and explore our spirit and to take you on an adventure from the real world to the metaverse.

Beauty in DeFi is a series of paintings created as an ode to the fascinating world of digital currencies and its disruption of the financial system as we know it, with each painting exploring a different facet of this technology and how it impacts the culture at large. With DeFi quickly finding its place in the public consciousness, this collection is meant to make us question, whether we are ready to explore the possibilities that lay beyond the traditional financial systems and our socio-economic norms.