Kristel Bechara

4 Things to consider when buying paintbrushes

Award Winning Contemporary Artist Kristel Bechara shares her tips on things to consider when buying paint brushes.

Paint brushes are like a wand for an artist that can conjure up magical paintings from the enchanting realm of our imagination. Therefore, using the right set of paint brushes is incredibly crucial for achieving the results that you would want from your acrylic artwork.      If you are a budding artist who is about to invest in your first set of professional paint brushes or just an artist who …

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Why the canvas makes or breaks a painting?

Kristel Bechara, the UAE Resident Award winning artist, gives her opinion on the type of canvas to preserve paintings.

A blank canvas is the beginning of a journey, where the first stroke of the paintbrush leads to artistic creation and self-expression. The canvas invites us to endless possibilities and is the foundation of every artwork that one might create. Therefore, to start off your artistic journey on the right footing, it is important to select a canvas that is better suited for your artistic vision and to preserve your artwork.    So, for those looking …

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She is King

Kristel Bechara, an award-winning contemporary artist in Dubai comes up with this initiative for female empowerment-She is King

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”— Sheryl Sandberg.  Female empowerment has been my consistent source of artistic inspiration and ambition since I could remember. One can just take a look at my paintings and see the adulation that I have for the female spirit and form. It is unfortunate that the world sometimes does not share this view, and this …

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Art Display in Interiors

Kristel Bechara, an award-winning contemporary artist gives tips on art display in space interiors.

Art and Interiors go hand in hand, as when a collector procures an artwork, there is a tremendous responsibility of ensuring that the piece is given the space and light that it deserves. This is where interiors and their design come in to play, in helping maintain the intricate balance between art and the space that it is displayed in.  As a female artist with her own unique …

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