“It is a basic human need to express what is within our hearts and minds. Some people choose to do that with words, with music or with dance, I do it with my paintings. It is with art that I let my emotions and thoughts run free on the canvas. With a brush in my hand, I am unafraid and liberated from all worldly concerns or troubles. All that matters is the expression of my creative spirit and that is…art.” 


I am Kristel Bechara, a contemporary artist based in Dubai, and I welcome you to my online store. As a female artist, my work focusses on celebrating and cultivating a sense of joy and wonder. It also invites the viewer to take a dive within and have a moment of introspection. In this online store, you will find collections of my work that I have spent the past decade creating and exhibiting. Over here, you will be able to buy my paintings online and enjoy a range of offerings from affordable prints in various dimensions, exclusive limited editions and original paintings.


All of my work is created using the highest quality of canvases, paints and printing methods, ensuring the longevity and durability of anything that you purchase from here. I offer worldwide shipping and extreme care is taken to guarantee that your art reaches you safely and reliably. I have shipping partners who uses first tier courier companies to deliver the paintings secure to your home.


Most of the paintings include a photo form collector’s homes – I would be delighted to receive photo of at your home the painting you acquire.


With this online store, I hope to recreate the same rewarding experience that one has buying contemporary paintings from my art gallery in Dubai but for the people around the world. So, please make yourself at home and take a look at all the art that I have to offer…

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