Inspired by the Phoenician roots of my Lebanese heritage, this artwork is a reimagining of Ashtart, the revered deity of ancient Mesopotamia, as a modern woman who is unapologetically herself and unafraid to express her desires.


Ashtart is a popular Phoenician goddess, who was worshipped for her incredible power of attraction and maverick determination. Her dichotomous divinity led her to not only become the goddess of love but also the goddess of war. She was unstoppable, who loved with immense passion and could conquer any impediment to get what she wanted.


As a feminist, I want this artwork to collide with the stereotypical masculine perception of whisky and express femininity in an equally strong, bold and maverick representation. The antlers, a trademark of Glenfiddich, are featured in the artwork with vibrant colourful patterns adding to the compelling aura of Ashtart, making her seem unattainable and invincible. Intertwined in her hair and antlers are blooming vanilla flowers, ripened figs and fresh slices of lime, all paying homage to the rich, sweet and exotic experience of the Grand Reserva 21.


The Collision of Two Worlds in this artwork is seamless and purposeful, with each contrasting element coming together in a passionate union and “elevating something great to something extraordinary.”

The Collision of Two Worlds in this artwork is a collab between Glenfiddich and Kristel Bechara representing Ashtart the phoenician goddess.

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