Kristel Bechara

Kristel Bechara

It is one of the most unfortunate things, when a beautiful piece of artwork is displayed in a way that detracts from its beauty instead of complimenting it. We have visited plenty of homes and galleries that have left a lot to be desired in how they display art pieces that could do justice to their artistry and the space itself.


There are several things one can do to really bring the best out of a painting, and most of the time, it has a lot to do with the way that it is displayed. Here are 4  ways that you can use to display your collection of art:


1- Let the art do the talking!

In case of a large painting or paintings that are composed of striking colours and contrast, it is better to display them on a simple whitewashed wall to make the art the primary focus of the room. This minimalistic approach is easy to achieve and with the right painting, the entire design of the room can be uplifted and accentuated.


2- Get some help!?

Who said that you had to do all of this yourself? If you have a growing collection of art, having it displayed in the best possible way can be a daunting task. If you are anxious about damaging your walls by picking up a hammer, a power drill and hanging up the paintings yourself, you can always get help from specialists that know how to get the job done. I would personally recommend using the amazing people over at ArtiTeq (www.artiteq.com). They offer a wide range of solutions to any issues you might be facing when putting up your paintings and the best thing is all their products are flexible, durable and user-friendly. 


I use ArtiTeq at my studio, gives me the flexibility to change the display anytime I want without damaging the walls and having to install hooks.


3- Prop it up?

For a more relaxed and laidback approach, you can always put the artwork on the floor while being propped against a wall. Large statement artworks look spectacular when framed in glass taking up most of the wall but also not overpowering the space. On the other hand, more smaller pieces can be left leaning casually in the corner of a room which can work very well, when the colour is coordinated with the furnishings.


4- Build a gallery at home

I have always been a big fan of “gallery walls” in homes, as this is such a creative way to put together your artwork on one wall and make it a statement about your individuality and taste in art. The other thing about gallery walls is how versatile they are, as you can mix and match paintings of various sizes to build a collage of your collection or you can have paintings of the same dimensions displayed neatly together for a more symmetrical look. By using products like Art Strip or Uniq Hanger (available on Artiteq.com), you can have a gallery wall set up quite conveniently which can also be dismantled easily when moving houses.


I believe that a home without art is a body without a soul, so when we do have the privilege of having art in our homes it is our responsibility to ensure that it is displayed at its best. Give these suggestions a try and I am sure your art display will be a topic of conversation whenever you have people over.


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Kristel Bechara

Kristel Bechara

Award-winning contemporary artist best known for her dynamic patterns and expressive colours. Her artwork demonstrates the revolutionary creation of photographic imagery with oil, acrylic and giclée printmaking mediums to depict emotion.