The Story – DO NO EVIL

Adding to the original proverb of the Three Wise Monkeys, to do no evil is to stop yourself from giving into your ego and unwise impulses which only leads to unhappiness and regret. The ramifications of our actions can be irreversible and this new tenet of the cautionary maxim serves as a warning to be mindful of what we put into motion.


In this print on plexi portrait, the Wise Woman looks at us with an introspective gaze as her colourful arms protectively wrap around her. It seems as if her arms are restraining her from doing something that she knows she will regret later on. As we peer into her eyes, we seem to be challenged by her ability to restrain herself and to also confront the base impulses that have been the cause of our past misdeeds. The Wise Woman through her soulful stare asks us: when the time comes, will we be able to hold ourselves back and do the right thing?


The Wise Women



Inspired by the ancient Japanese proverb of the Three Wise Monkeys, this series is a modern-day interpretation of the iconic pictorial maxim. Building on a previous series of artworks titled, The Three Wise Women, four new tenets are added to the original proverb.  In this series, each artwork features a wise woman as an allegorical representation of each tenant of the proverb. The front-view portraits of the women are meant to evoke a sense of philosophical curiosity within the viewers, making them question the intentionality and virtues that they choose to live their lives by. Framed in dramatic poses, these wise women may amuse you with their coy expressions and vibrantly painted hands, but underneath their monochromatic beauty lies an invitation to explore the vivid spectrum of our morality and actions.


The vision…  “When I was creating the Wise Women series, I had envisioned a show which would accomplish two main goals: showcase the artworks from the collection and provide an immersive experience highlighting how I have adopted NFTs into my art practice. This show is intended to be a gateway for curious minds who have heard about NFTs but have yet to experience its artistic potential firsthand. With this show, I will be creating a singular space for interested visitors to come in and witness a beautiful union between art and technology.”


The Artwork’s Medium

The print on plexi artwork is hand-drawn digitally and then produced in a limited edition run of 25 prints on high-quality glossy plexiglass1 ready for wall mounting. Each painting is signed and numbered on the front. A unique Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist is also included for each painting. Each edition has a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) which will be transferred to the buyer’s crypto wallet, for provenance.


1Plexiglass print is a very high-quality and durable printing process. This print on plexi artwork is printed with vivid colours, accuracy, and exceptional resolution. The quality is to the same standard level of display used in museums and art galleries around the world.



Paintings are delivered worldwide by first tier fast courier companies (e.g. FedEx, DHL, UPS or Aramex).

Free shipping is available within the UAE for any order. A flat shipping rate corresponding to the medium selected will be automatically applied to worldwide deliveries (except for UAE, it is free), this rate covers the special protective packaging, stretching, export custom clearance charges and large parcel door to door delivery courier charges.