The Contemplative Voyageur



The Story – The contemplative Voyageur

Invigorated from her voyage and standing on the precipice of a city unknown, the Voyageur finds herself in deep thought. The breeze from the sea plays with her robes as if beckoning her to come forward and see what lies ahead. The sky shifts in shades and colours populated by mysterious planets that are midway through their orbits. The Voyageur is unmoved by this cosmic spectacle. In her thoughts, she is already planning her course up ahead as no mountain, sea or sky can possibly slow her down.

With the Voyageur being the focal point of this artwork, the viewer cannot help but feel captivated by her unmoving presence. Her contemplative demeanour, the firmly held staff and the billowing robes are elements that invigorate one’s spirit of adventure and curiosity about what lies out there.


The Voyageur

Unburdened by restrictions or boundaries, the Voyageur is free to explore destinations undiscovered and experience sights yet unseen. This series is an homage to the spirit of the adventurous traveller, who lives beyond the fear of the unknown and navigates fantastical places that exist in realms of their own. Based around the culminating moment of the Voyageur’s journey, as she reaches the shores of a new utopian city, this series takes the viewer on a visual journey where fantasy meets history and technology merges with magic.

The series consists of 5 artworks that come together to visualize The Voyageur and her companion at the precipice of the unworldly city which she is about to enter. Each artwork is an individual exploration of the various elements at play: the contemplative Voyageur, the Arabesque city of the Future, the mysterious nine-tailed Fox (Kitsune), the majestic Vessels of the Skies and Seas. Examining each artwork, the viewers will find themselves longing to embark on a voyage of their own which takes them to a place beyond their fears, doubts and limitations.


Project Details


The Voyageur is the title of the main artwork; It a unique original painting traditionally painted with acrylic on large scale cotton canvas 180x108cm.

Additionally, 5 artworks (the “Fragments”) each inspired by a distinct element from The Voyageur are presented as a limited edition of 25 acrylic prints.

The Fragments are also available for digital collectors as NFTs.  Any digital collector who acquires all 5 Fragments, will be airdropped The Voyageur artwork which in turn can be redeemed for a signed high quality print.

Collectors of any of the Fragments artworks are eligible for exclusive experiences by Hotel Indigo Downtown Dubai. The special offer for collectors would be Buy 1 Get1 Free Afternoon tea with art tour at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown.


The Artwork’s Medium

This art on plexiglass is hand-drawn digitally and then produced in a limited edition run of 25 prints on high-quality glossy plexiglass1 ready for wall mounting. Each painting is signed and numbered on the front. A unique Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist is also included for each painting. Each edition has a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) which will be transferred to the buyer’s crypto wallet, for provenance.

1Plexiglass print is a very high-quality and durable printing process. This print on plexi artwork is printed with vivid colours, accuracy, and exceptional resolution. The quality is to the same standard level of display used in museums and art galleries around the world.



Paintings are delivered worldwide by first tier fast courier companies (e.g. FedEx, DHL, UPS or Aramex).

Free shipping is available within the UAE for any order. A flat shipping rate corresponding to the medium selected will be automatically applied to worldwide deliveries (except for UAE, it is free), this rate covers the special protective packaging, stretching, export custom clearance charges and large parcel door to door delivery courier charges.