Each of Kristel Bechara’s artworks has a has a story and speaks a thousand words. The paintings in this collection were made available in alternative proportionate sizes. Shop her artwork here.

Louis Vuitton

Giclee on Canvas 100x150cm

“The Louis Vuitton woman is more about a quality – a quality within some women that needs to come forward, to be noticed and recognised.” – Marc Jacobs.


Giclee on Canvas 100x150cm

“ A woman can be overdressed but never over elegant.” – Coco Chanel.


Giclee on Canvas 100x150cm

“Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.” – Christian Dior.


Giclee on Canvas 100x150cm

“Elegance is like manners. You can’t be polite only on Wednesday or Thursday. If you are elegant, you should be every day of the week. If you are not, then it’s another matter.” – Aldo Gucci.


Giclee on Canvas 100x150cm

“Luxury can be very simple, for example, staying 15 minutes longer in bed.” – Jean-Louis Dumas.

ASAH - As seen at homes